About Me


I'm a Seattle-based Web Developer and Designer with a non-traditional coding background. I studied international relations and leadership in college, though my job experiences include systems analyst, designer, and full-stack developer primarily in the non-profit and tech sectors. I am a 2015 alumna of General Assembly's Web Development Immersive, and I've also completed a certificate of Web Design through Sessions College for Professional Design. I love building web experiences that are effortless for users, and enjoy solving design problems through code. When I'm not coding, you can probably find me exploring Seattle with my family, enjoying a good book, trying out a new way to make coffee, or playing soccer.

JavaScript Ruby HTML5 CSS3
Node.js Rails Express.js Sails.js AngularJS React.js
D3.js jQuery Bootstrap Foundation Angular Material
PostgreSQL MongoDB Sequelize Waterline
AJAX Heroku Git/Github JSON REST APIs Adobe Creative Suite Bcrypt Gulp

Recent Work



Ruby Rails JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap AJAX PostgreSQL Indeed API Nokogiri Bcrypt

About: Job Match is a web application that improves the job search experience. When supplied with a resume by the user, it generates a "match score" between the resume and saved job postings. Job postings are displayed as word clouds to highlight the prominent terms in the post.

My role: Full Stack Web Developer (independent)



Application Information System (AIS)

CSS3 HTML5 Prototyping Design lead CMS

About:AIS is an information system owned by American Councils for International Education and used by several non-profits and the Department of State. It holds information about thousands of applicants and participants of international exchange programs administered by American Councils.

My role: UI Designer and Developer




React.js Flask JSX Bootstrap Wikipedia API Summarier API Gulp

About: Quickipedia summarizes Wikipedia articles using the cutting edge Summarizer API. This web application was conceptualized and built in a one-day hackathon with a two-person team.

My role: Front-End Web Developer (2-person team)



Urban Explorer

Node.js Sails.js AngularJS Yelp API Leaflet.js Summarier API Bcrypt MongoDB

About: Urban Explorer is a web application designed to help users experience the best a city has to offer. Users can track which of a city's most popular sites and restaurants they have visited or want to visit.

My role: Full-Stack Web Developer (independent)

Note: Still under development



Color Complements Challenge

JavaScript jQuery HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Tinycolor.js

About: Two players compete to identify the most pairs of complementary colors. Try it out - it's harder than it looks!

My role: Front-End Web Developer (independent)



AIS Forms

HTML5 CSS3 Prince XML Adobe Creative Suite

About:Approximately 30,000 users around the world rely on the AIS Forms system each year. Operated by American Councils for International Education, I worked as the sole designer on the AIS Development and Operations team, and I overhauled the interface to improve usability.

My role: UI Designer/Developer (multiple teams)